How to Wear a Denim Jacket

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Nowadays, clothes go out of style fast, but a good denim jacket is still a staple in any wardrobe.

Because of different washes and cuts, it goes with almost every piece of clothing you own.

Whatever your style is, a denim jacket isn’t only a great pairing garment, but also a valuable layering piece.

Whether you already have a denim jacket, or you’re looking to buy one and need some advice, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to find how to wear a denim jacket and how to buy the right one.

Wearing and Buying A Denim Jacket

Denim on Denim

Denim on denim was once considered a faux pas. You might have even avoided this combination yourself. Luckily, we’re here to show you how to look amazing in double denim.

The first rule is that you need to make sure there’s some contrast between your denim jacket and jeans. There are so many different denim washes, so you don’t have to be dressed from top to bottom in one shade.

Try to mix and match shades. You can choose dark indigo jeans and a light wash jacket. For a more street casual look, you can pair the opposites – darker jeans and a light wash jacket.

If you follow these tips, you’ll be able to nail down the denim on denim look. And when done right, it can be a powerful statement outfit.

Smart Casual

Smart casual is appropriate for many situations because you combine good-quality yet comfortable pieces.

Whether you’re going out for a drink, to a party, or on a light stroll around the city, a good denim jacket is a go-to piece.

Are you interested to see how to wear a denim jacket for a smart casual look? Here are some tips to consider.

Since the denim jacket is a low-key item, you need some “smart” accompaniments. These can be either your trousers or your shoes.

You can wear an Oxford shirt and formal trousers with a slim leg. These will tie the look together for that polished appearance without too much effort.

Summer Holiday

A denim jacket is a great piece to throw on when it’s a bit chilly in the evening. And if you’re on summer vacation, the main thing is to stick to whitewash or even the blue palette.

When the nights are a bit colder, you can opt for some comfortable chinos, either white or cream, depending on the color of your jacket. You could also wear some shorts for a more relaxed get-up.

To finish off, put on some boat shoes and a striped top for a nautical themed experience.

How to Wear a Denim Jacket

Shirt and Tie

Although it isn’t usually worn at work, the denim jacket is becoming increasingly popular in the business environment.

So if you’re wondering how to wear a denim jacket to work, we’ll show you how to look professional and modern.

It helps if you minimize the jacket’s casual features by pairing it with more formal wear.

Both chinos and formal trousers work great here, so it’s a matter of preference. Instead of the classic, office shirt, put on a button-down Oxford or even a linen shirt.

If your job requires it, you could also wear a tie. Just be sure not to choose elegant materials, such as silk. Knit ties are an excellent choice because they’re casual, but add a sense of dapperness with their texture.

Lumberjack Outfit

Pair a denim jacket with a flannel shirt, and you’ve got yourself a great lumberjack outfit. This style has become increasingly popular over the last few years, and once again, a denim jacket is its staple piece.

This rugged look is perfect for camping or a weekend at the cabin.

Most of you already have all the elements needed to complete the outfit. Look in your wardrobe for a comfortable, flannel shirt.

Ideally, it should be red, but if you don’t have that, any color will do. Grab a beanie to keep your head warm, and a denim jacket for an extra layer of clothing.

Pair It with a Hoodie

When the weather changes and it’s not quite cold enough for an overcoat, a denim jacket gives you just the right amount of warmth. The chuck-on staples here are a hoodie and a denim jacket.

Since they’re both casual, they’re perfect for running errands around the city. A light wash denim jacket goes well with a grey or white hoodie. If you have a darker denim jacket, you could pair it with a burgundy hoodie for that autumn feel.

All Black

When you’re looking for something less casual, opt for a black denim jacket. It’s perfect for colder months, looks edgier and dressier. And if you love wearing leather jackets, then this will be a nice change.

You know that going all black never goes out of style, and it suits almost everybody. So find a pair of dark wash jeans and a dark T-shirt, and there you go. You could also add some ankle boots or a pair of black sneakers.

What’s more, all-black outfits are amazing because they flatter the figure.

Wear it With Joggers

You must have at least one pair of joggers in your wardrobe. But did you know that you can pair them with a denim jacket for that urban look? Joggers aren’t limited only to the gym, they’re fantastic low-key bottom wear for everyday tasks.

But it can be tricky to pair them with anything other than a hoodie. This is where a denim jacket comes in handy.

Preferably, your joggers are fitted and light-colored. Your jacket should complement the color of the jeans. Light wash jackets are a better option in this situation.

As for the style, they can be oversized or fitted, whatever you prefer.

Last but not least, wear some white Chucks to go with this easy-going look.

Layer It

One of the most significant features of a denim jacket is the layering versatility. When the weather’s colder and you’re tired of wearing sweaters, why not wear a denim jacket? It’ll spice up your outfit, but you’ll still feel comfortable and warm.

If you’re not sure how it’ll look, just go with the classics. Wear a white shirt under the denim jacket and throw a classic, wool coat over it.

Indigo jackets are the best choice because they’re well-suited for the color and texture of the wool coat.

Furthermore, if it’s really cold, you could wear a turtleneck under a jacket. Pull up the collar and you’ve one seriously well-put-together outfit.

How to Wear a Denim Jacket

Choosing the Right Denim Jacket

If you don’t already own a denim jacket for some reason and aren’t sure if it’s the right piece for your style, then we’re here to prove you wrong.

Denim jackets are iconic pieces because they’re essentially three-season wear. Light enough for chilly summer nights, but also a fantastic when the weather gets colder.

They’re the definition of smart casual and can be paired with different wear to look both urban and business appropriate.

When considering buying a denim jacket, there are some factors to keep in mind.


Denim jackets come in different colors and washes. The basic shade that goes well with almost anything is blue.

Whether it’s a light wash or indigo blue, these jackets are versatile pieces that can be worn in all seasons.

Moreover, think about your style and the colors you usually wear. If light denim jacket isn’t right for you, there are other options on the market.

For example, a darker denim jacket is a more elegant option for guys who also love leather jackets. And if you’re someone who loves wearing all-black outfits, this jacket will be a stylish addition.

How it Should Fit

Generally speaking, for that classic look that goes with everything, you should buy a form-fitting denim jacket and it should be a couple of inches below the waist.

Of course, if you’re interested in fashion and love experimenting, then consider buying an oversized jacket. It’s incredibly comfortable and a great urban choice.


You’ve probably heard your parents talking about the denim jacket they bought a long time ago and that they still wear today.

Although denim jackets can be expensive, purchasing one made by a premium denim manufacturer will prove to be an excellent investment. These jackets are made to last and offer a timeless look.

Numerous other brands sell denim jackets, but they don’t offer the same iconic quality. You’ll probably have to buy a new one after a couple of years, or even months.

So spend a few more bucks and get a denim jacket that’ll be a lifetime purchase.

Find Your Style

We hope we’ve convinced you to buy a denim jacket. There isn’t a garment more versatile than the denim jacket. It complements almost every piece of clothing and adds that casual, yet urban vibe.

If you weren’t sure how to wear a denim jacket, now you know. Plus, we’ve given you some styling guidelines to help you dress the denim jacket up or down.

And the final styling tip we’ve got is to wear the denim jacket as much as you can. It’s a rare piece that gets better with age, and the more you wear it.

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