Hairstyles for Balding Men: Hip and Trendy Styles

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Hair has always been associated with power and masculinity. But what happens when you start going bald? In the past, hair loss was related to growing older.

However, due to stress, lifestyle, or diet, men begin experiencing hair loss as early as their 20s or 30s.

But you don’t have to panic and reach for a hair trimmer right away. There are hip and trendy styles out there that’ll make you look like a Hollywood star and give you much more confidence.

Still don’t believe it? Then keep reading to check out some cool hairstyles for balding men.

Hip and Trendy Hairstyles for Balding Men

Buzz Cut

Are you looking for a trendy yet practical hairstyle? Those of you who aren’t quite ready to go full Vin Diesel should try out the famous buzz cut. It’s a perfect, short hairstyle for balding men, which is both functional and fashionable.

Most barbers know how to cut your hair like this, but you can even do it in the comfort of your own home with a hair trimmer.

What’s more, maintaining this hairstyle means you’ll only have to cut it every now and then – and that’s it. No fancy products or treatments to worry about.

So, if you’re looking for a sleek, masculine, military look, the buzz cut is definitely for you.

Crew Cut

If you’re not ready to cut what’s left of your hair, why not try out the crew cut? It can give you a minimal yet sophisticated look, and it’s favored by many men with a widow’s peak.

With this style, the hair on the top of your head is longer, while the sides are thinner. This means your temples won’t stand out so much.

Ivy League

Are you looking for that timeless, Hollywood-glam hairstyle? A hairstyle that looks good both for work and on a night out? Then you should rock the Ivy League style.

This hairstyle for balding men is a superb option for those with a cowlick problem because it’ll keep your hair short and neat.

Furthermore, if you’re annoyed by your receding hairline, this cut won’t betray you. With the Ivy League, your hair is longer on the top and can be combed to the side, thus disguising your receding hairline.

Skin Fade

If you need a hairstyle to go with your edgy look, look no further. The skin fade is a splendid hairstyle for balding men with a rebellious streak.

With the skin fade, your hair is longer at the top, while there’s usually no hair on the sides. This way, you aren’t drawing attention to your thinning hair.

The style gives you a contemporary look, and you can choose from many variations. You could try the shaved skin fade, combed back design for hiding the cowlick, and many others.

Slicked-Back Hairstyle

When hair starts to recede, men usually want to hide it. But did you know that you can use this to your advantage?

With a slicked-back hairstyle, this line actually gives you a cleaner look. You should grow your hair longer on top so the added volume and the hairline blend in together.

To achieve this look, you should use some pomade to comb back the hair on the top of your head. It’ll give you a smooth finish. After that, you can set it with hairspray, and you’re ready to go.

The Caesar Cut

You know that famous George Clooney hairstyle? Well, he’s sporting the Caesar cut. This hairstyle was inspired by Julius Caesar, who was supposedly going bald and wanted to hide it with a fringe. So, if you’re like him, this is, indeed, a wise choice.

You can have a cropped fringe, or leave it mid-length. A longer fringe can taper down and hide the signs of baldness. This hairstyle is especially popular among younger guys as it gives them that hip look.

Burr Cut

Are you a guy who doesn’t want to use tons of hair products? The burr cut is an excellent choice for you. Popular among those with a strong jawline, this hairstyle will be great for balding men who want to achieve that David Beckham look.

If you’re also not fond of your widow’s peak, this hairstyle will be a good option as it makes it less visible.

The Fauxhawk

Rocking the fauxhawk is a fantastic way to camouflage the hair loss on your temples and get that spiky look.

Take advantage of the longer hair you have at the back and get some spike action at the front of your crown. You’ll get a trendy and sophisticated look, with a bit of edginess.

Comb-Over Style

Why not make your thinning hairline a part of your hairstyle? The comb-over has been a popular hairstyle for balding men since WWII. It gives you a dapper appearance and is perfect for guys who love classic style.

When you decide to get this look, ask the barber to taper off the sides and comb over the top of your hair. He can also tighten it with some hair gel. You’ll get a look that suits every occasion.

Shaggy Layers

Shaggy layers can hide any problematic areas that are making you uncomfortable. It’s a trendy style if you’ve just started to go bald since it can be achieved with different hair textures and lengths.

This hairstyle looks equally good on both younger and older men. Depending on the cut, it can give you a messy, or quite classy, Beatles-inspired look.

So next time you visit your barber, ask them to cut uneven layers. As per your preference, you can comb your hair on the side, tussle it around to get the scruffy look and bring the dull hair back to life.

The High and Tight

If you’re losing hair on the sides, the classic high and tide is a terrific option. It features a skin-shaved back and sides, which is both smart and bold. What’s more, because of its low-maintenance, it’s often worn in the military.

However, there are many variants of this hairstyle if you’re not ready to shave off the sides completely. For instance, you can get a gradual fade that’s suitable for every occasion.

The Taper Style

The taper style gives you that retro and polished look. Whether you have curly, straight, or Afro hair, this style will appeal to those struggling with a receding hairline. Moreover, if you’re experiencing hair loss at the nape of your neck, this style will easily hide it.

Generally, your hair should be shorter at the back and on the sides but longer at the top. The purpose of the taper is to make the most of your hair and give you the right look.

Incorporate the Beard

If you’re feeling a bit odd about going bald, you might consider growing a beard. It can give you more character and spice things up.

Whether you’re a fan of a long, groomed beard, mustache, or stubble, beards go well with all these hairstyles. Just choose the one that suits your face and personality.

Hairstyles for Balding Men

Tips and Suggestions

Now that we’ve covered different hairstyles for balding men, let’s see what you can do to slow down the balding.


First of all, there are genetic reasons for baldness. Look at the members of your family, especially at your maternal grandfather. If there were signs of baldness, this could help you figure out how much time you’ve got before you start going bald yourself.

Diet and Lifestyle

Secondly, although hereditary factors are the most common cause of baldness, your problem may be an unhealthy diet and a fast-paced lifestyle.

Both of which can cause sudden baldness. Luckily, you can still save your hair if you adopt some healthy changes.

Protein-deficiency may be the reason for the hair loss, so make sure you consume enough of it in your diet. There’s plenty of protein in meat, fish, eggs, tofu, etc. Eating protein-dense food will help your hair follicles grow.


You probably know stress is the cause of many health problems. If you’re going through a stressful period, your hair might be falling out as a result.

Know that this isn’t a permanent issue. Once the stress starts to ease, it’ll take a couple of months for your hair to grow back.

Hair Treatment

Chemicals in shampoos are terrible, even for people with a full mane. But imagine what they can do to your receding hair. Try to find some hair products that are mild and don’t feature damaging ingredients.

When you’re done washing your hair, don’t brush it immediately. Wet hair tends to break a lot faster, which increases your chances of hair loss.

Instead, leave it to dry naturally and then use a wide-toothed comb. It’s far less harmful to your hair.

Embrace This New Situation

Although your confidence might be shattered now that you’re experiencing hair loss, don’t think you have to shave everything off. There are plenty of hairstyles for balding men that are hip, trendy, and that don’t require much effort.

Instead of covering up your head or shaving it, try to find a hairstyle you can rock. Moreover, try to get to the root of the problem, because there’s still a chance you might save the rest of your hair.

If you are wanting to embrace your baldness and shave, read our article here

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